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Ways our Consultations can help!

Vision & Visual Experience Consultation

  • Vision Implantation Strategy

  • Photoshoot Concept Development

  • Photoshoot Preparation Development

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Image Consultation

  • Apparel Recommendation

  • Image to Personality Strategy

  • Affirmation & Confidence Building

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Cosmetic & Beauty Consultation

  • Foundation to Skin Tone Match

  • Beauty Trend Review

  • Personal Cosmetic Kit Development

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Branding & Website Consultation

  • Website Audit 

  • Color Psychology Review 

  • Brand Identity Clarification

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Social Media & Digital Systems Consultation

  • Social Media Directives & Implementation

  • Digital System(s) Audit

  • Team Audit

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Public Relations Consultation

  • Marketing Communications Strategy

  • Branding Language Audit

  • Branding Launch & Visibility Strategy

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Business Assessment Consultation

  • Business Strategy

  • Financial Strategy

  • Project Management Strategy

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Trademark & Legal Strategy Consultation

  • Federal Trademark Eligibility Review

Legal Strategy Includes:

  • Federal Trademark Strategy

  • Intellectual Property Protection Strategy

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