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For any service-based entrepreneur, creating content for marketing can be a daunting and time consuming task. But with our luxury marketing kit, business owners can now reclaim their time and focus on creating the results from running their own businesses. Our CEO specially designed this kit to give service-based entrepreneurs back the priceless commodity of time so that executives can achieve success without sacrificing productivity and accuracy for their organizations. So take advantage of our marketing kit and use your newfound hours focusing on the core operations of your business.


Our marketing kit is the ultimate solution for service-based entrepreneurs looking to receive instant traction through creating high-quality content. We take the burden of creating content off your hands, so you can focus on other important tasks related to running your business. Our team of professionals produce magnificent pieces of content that will make your company stand out from the rest. Additionally, our marketing kit guarantees fast results while creating a luxurious impression of your business.


At the start of a service-based business, having a team is essential to gaining traction and having the right strategies in place to run your business. Our marketing kit provides you with just that, becoming your very own start up team. Enjoy having the luxury of having access to front line professionals without having to make costly hiring decisions. Don't let complicated matters like SEO and lead generation take away from the time you could be spending growing your business. Leverage our marketing kit and make your entrepreneurial journey a lot smoother and quicker.

Marketing Sub-Zero

  • Proofs (non-Edits)

  • 2 Hours of Shoot Time

  • 1-2 Outfits

Marketing Kit Tier 1

  • 30 Premium Images for 30 Days of Content

  • 2 Outfits

  • 3 Hours of Shoot Time

  • Image Consulting

  • Make Up

  • Listing in our Global Directory

Marketing Kit Tier 2

  • 60 Premium Images for 60 Days of Content

  • 3 Outfits

  • 4 Hours of Shoot Time

  • Image Consulting

  • Make Up

  • Listing in our Global Directory

Marketing Kit Tier 3

  • 90 Premium Images for 90 Days of Content

  • 4-5 Outfits

  • 6 Hours of Shoot Time

  • Image Consulting

  • Make Up

  • Listing in our Global Directory


Financing Available

Chapter 8 Studio has everything you need to amp up your marketing strategy. Our Marketing Kit comes with all the features you could ask for at an affordable rate, and now you don't need to worry about financing either! Through tiered payment plans and stress-free financing options, Chapter 8 Studio can make sure you have access to our Marketing Kit regardless of your budget. Indulge yourself in the excellent service that Chapter 8 Studio has to offer - there's no excuse not to do it!

Travel Kit

Our travel kit is designed with luxury and convenience in mind. We understand that life can be unpredictable, so we want to make it easier for our clients to experience professional quality photography. With our travel kit, we can come to you or bring you to us. You don't even have to worry about packing a single thing - our travel kit has everything needed for the perfect photoshoot, from the camera gear to the lighting equipment. We'll take care of everything so you can relax and enjoy a top-notch photography experience.

Destination Kit

Destination Travel Kit is the perfect luxury option for your photoshoot. No matter where you are in the US, Destination Travel Kit will bring the studio to you with all the best lighting and equipment. Make your photoshoot as glamorous and stylish as you'd like - Destination Travel Kit has what you need. Our professional photographers, who are specialized in fashion history and styling, will provide expert advice in order to capture that perfect shot. With Destination Travel Kit at your service, premier photography isn't just available in major cities - it's available wherever you are.

Luxury Kit

Our Luxury Kit offers the opportunity for your photoshoots to take place in a Luxury Home, complete with a Personal Assistant. The Luxury Kit will provide everything necessary for your photoshoot, from professional equipment and backdrops to makeup artists and more. With this one-of-a-kind package, you can relax knowing that you have secured the perfect setting for your important day's photos. No matter what you are seeking, let us help make it happen with Luxury Kit!

Reels Kit

Reels Kit provides a professional videographer to elevate your content production and make it extraordinary. Our Reels Kit comes with a highly experienced videographer that captures behind the scene footage that can be repurposed for superior quality assets. Take your content to the next level with Reels Kit's luxe services and let us help you craft a visually stunning masterpiece.

Marketing Engagement Kit

Marketing can be a challenge, but with the Marketing Engagement Kit your business can stand out from the competition and make a lasting impression. Our Kit takes photos taken from our professional photoshoots to generate customer-specific content that speaks directly to the needs of your customers. With the Marketing Engagement Kit, you’ll have access to quality, luxury content that will help you engage with clients in an efficient and captivating way. Don’t waste time scrambling for marketing materials - invest in the Marketing Engagement Kit and get the beautiful images and engaging copy you need to make a powerful statement.

  • Social Media Consultation

  • Customer Research for Social Media Content

  • Captions / Copyright

  • Hashtags

  • Relevant Content / Design

Social Media Content Membership

Social media can be an incredibly powerful asset to your business, but making sure it is optimized and managed well can be overwhelming. Our Social Media Content Membership alleviates the stress of constantly maintaining an effective online presence. With monthly access to vital support, comprehensive analytics and easier than ever social media calendar scheduling, you'll have more time to just sit back, relax and enjoy the benefits of a flawless digital reputation.

  • Social Media Consultation

  • Weekly Analytic Reports

  • Social Media & Digital Support

  • Social Media Calendar Scheduler

Digital and Social Media Consulting

Digital and Social Media Consulting offers a luxury experience for social media strategist, providing end-to-end services to achieve a successful online presence across digital channels. Expert teams provide custom strategies to bring maximum visibility and reach within an integrated framework, beginning with social media directives and implementation. Digital and Social Media Consulting also provides system audit and team audit to identify areas of improvement, recommendations for structure or reporting frameworks, in order to optimize the parameters for success. Digital and Social Media Consulting give you all the tools you need to establish competitive positioning in the digital sphere.

Brand & Website Consulting

Branding and Website Consulting is the definition of luxury online consultation. Their primary goal is to ensure that all of your website's elements are properly utilized, from the colors you select to create a psychological impact all the way to the brand identity that establishes the unique impression you want your consumers to remember. They will walk you through their website audit process, in which they will review key components such as load time and user interface. Branding and Website Consulting offers an indulgent opportunity for any business looking to refine their web image quickly and efficiently.

Public Relations Consulting

Public Relations Consulting is the ideal way to ensure that your brand stands out from the crowd in a highly competitive marketplace. Our team of consultants will create a unique marketing communications strategy and audit your existing language to ensure that your branding gives off the desired luxury feel. We can also provide you with a launch and visibility strategy, so your brand will be seen at events or campaigns that bring it maximum exposure and prestige. Let Public Relations Consulting support you in achieving excellence for your brand.

Business Assessment Consulting

Business Assessment Consulting is your trusted partner to ensure business excellence and success. By providing strategies that focus on business, financial and project management, Business Assessment Consulting will guarantee you an efficient, effective and stylish system that will transform the way your business runs. With a proven track record for excellence, Business Assessment Consulting offers a luxurious service customized just for you. Immerse yourself in the Business Assessment Consulting experience: from the state-of-the-art technology to the exceptional customer service, Business Assessment Consulting will guide you towards success each step of the way.

Trademark & Legal Strategy Consulting

Trademark & Legal Strategy Consulting is the perfect choice for any business seeking to protect and fast-track their intellectual property. Our team of experienced professionals provides a tailored Federal Trademark eligibility review and strategy backed by our expertise in Trademark Law, ensuring that your goals are met quickly and efficiently with utmost precision. Make the investment into your business's future today- elevate to Trademark & Legal Strategy Consulting for the highest level of intellectual property protection available.

Image Consulting Includes:

AImage consulting by renowned professionals is the premier way to elevate your wardrobe and show the world exactly how you want to be seen. Our Image Consulting offers apparel recommendation that meets all of your needs, no matter the occasion. Our Image consultant can also provide strategies for integrating one’s desired personality into their image. Finally, our experienced Image Consultants offer invaluable tools for boosting self-confidence, so that the best version of you is always present in any situation. Image Consulting isn’t just a luxury—it is an investment into yourself and the betterment of each and every day.

Premium Images

Images that are fully edited.


About Lawrence

Not graduating from college led me to question who I was, my worth, and how I contributed to society. I realized I was seeing myself from a broken lens. Once I surrounded myself with the right people, I began to see myself from a truth perspective. Confidence, Self-Love and Empowerment rises when you see from that healed lens.

I want to help people see themselves from a truth perspective and empower them to envision the change they desire. 10+ years of photography experience has taught me how to capture people in their most authentic moments--both visually and emotionally. It is my mission to use my platform to shift the way we see ourselves so that we can all begin living our most empowered lives.

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